Summit Park
Phase 1 infrastructure work continues at Summit Park. Phase 2 work has begun and will include the glass canopy design, Phase 2 site work, concrete foundations and structural steel.

Paving Program 
The City's 2014 Paving Program will be bid this spring. Streets involved in this year's program include Fallentree Lane, Blackwood Court, Bluewing Terrace, Foremark Drive, Classic Drive, Woodlands Way, Woodlands Place, Chidester Lane, and Jardin Place. 

Sidewalk Program 
The City continues its efforts to provide connectivity between neighborhoods and businesses to frequent destinations around Blue Ash (Parks, Recreation Center, Municipal and Safety Center, Downtown, Golf Course, etc). In 2014, sidewalk will be installed on Creek Road between McKinley Road and Wengate Lane.     

Traffic Signal Upgrades 
The City of Blue Ash has an ongoing program to upgrade the traffic signals throughout the City from incandescent lights to LED (light emitting diode) lights. The LED lights use significantly less electricity, last longer between failures, provide brighter signals and support battery back-up systems at major intersections. Additionally, “count-down” pedestrian signals are being installed at intersections with wide roadways (such as Reed Hartman Highway) to assist pedestrians and battery backup units are being installed at major intersections.

Questions regarding any of the City of Blue Ash projects above should be directed to the Public Works Director's Office at (513) 745-8538.