EMERGENCY (fire, police, life squad)


MAIN SWITCHBOARD (Municipal & Safety Center): General info, voter registration/polling locations, bid specs, maps, directions, history books, street light outages, etc.


POLICE: Crime prevention, solicitor’s permits, traffic signal problems, vacation checks, security surveys, CodeRed emergency notification, request a police report or copies, traffic & criminal ordinance questions, bike patrol, etc.

513-745-8555 police@blueash.com

MAYOR'S COURT:Traffic tickets, court procedures, ticket payouts, etc.


FIRE DEPARTMENT: CPR classes, smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, weather radios, fire hydrants, reflective address plates, firehouse tours, fire safety inspections, child safety seat installation, blood pressure checks, fire extinguisher usage, underground storage tanks, fire lane violations, children’s programs, explorer program, etc.


SERVICE DEPARTMENT: Appliance pickup; hazardous waste disposal; street maintenance/potholes; snow removal; sidewalks; right-of-way drainage, water, or MSD/sewer problems; curbside leaf pickup (mid Oct. - mid Dec.); curbside brush/chipper service; dead animal removal from public streets; street signs; dumpsters at Service facility; guardrails; and other public works related items.


PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR'S OFFICE: Information on Construction Projects; Waste and Recycling Information, Missed Garbage Pickup, Traffic and Pedestrian Signal Operations, Rumpke Service Questions, Street and Right-of-Way Permits & Bonding; Public Bidding Opportunities; Construction Contracts

513-745-8538 jward@blueash.com

ECONOMIC & COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Planning & zoning, permits, property maintenance concerns, building inspection, garage sale permits, fence permits, Planning Commission, Board of Site Arrangement/Zoning Appeals, locate a business in BA, BlueAshAdvance website, Code enforcement, neighborhood revitalization program, etc.

513-745-8520 development@blueash.com

RECREATION DEPARTMENT: Membership, classes, & league activity; swimming pools; outdoor tennis; fitness facilities; park shelter or room reservations; amphitheater & Nature Park; volunteer opportunities, admission fees/policies; gym hours; concert schedules; special event info; Vet Memorial & Towne Square events & info; historic Hunt House; etc.

513-745-8550 recreation@blueash.com

GOLF COURSE (4040 Cooper Road): Tee times, greens fees, course conditions, golf lessons, pro shop, golf outings, golf leagues, Sandtrap Sandwich Shop, catering packages, golf gift certificates, etc.


GOLF MAINTENANCE (3800 Mohler Road): Golf Course maintenance, landscaping tips, etc.  


PARKS & GROUNDS MAINTENANCE (6171 Interstate Circle): Maintenance of all City property EXCEPT the Golf Course (downtown, street medians, flower beds, Veteran's Bricks, Sports Center, Nature Park, Towne Square/Vet Memorial, re-created Crosley Field, etc.)


BLUE ASH SPORTS CENTER (11540 Grooms Road): Crosley Field, maintenance of parks grounds, etc.




TAX DIVISION: Tax forms, earnings tax, tax due dates, Blue Ash tax form assistance, etc.

513-745-8516 blueashtax@blueash.com

FINANCE DIVISION: accounts payable questions, financial reporting, etc.


FACILITIES MAINTENANCE: to report out street lights, city building maintenance, etc.

513-745-8512 llatham@blueash.com

HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICE: open positions, Civil Service testing, employment verification, EEO activities, etc.


CITY MANAGER’S OFFICE: General information, City Council, general comments or suggestions, Sister City program.

513-745-8539 administration@blueash.com

COMMUNICATIONS OFFICE: All City websites, community calendars and newsletters, public relations and media inquiries.

513-745-6240 communications@blueash.com